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What are the Vestorly Editorial Guidelines?
What are the Vestorly Editorial Guidelines?
The editorial guidelines for our content curation technology is the man-machine symbiosis of our content strategy team and AI technology.
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Vestorly AI-driven technology coupled with our content strategy team looks for the following when selecting content.


1. Does it contain bad language or explicit content?

2. Is it sales-focused or promotional in nature?

  • This includes landing pages, ads, trailers, competitions, and any content that promotes a product or service.

3. Does it focus on a single product, service, or brand?

  • Fair and unbiased content about household names (e.g. Apple or WordPress) is okay. All other content that focuses on a single, specific product is not suitable. This includes reviews, press releases, and launch pages such as Product Hunt listings).

4. Does it give medical advice about preventing or treating diseases like COVID-19?

  • We are not medical experts, so we won’t be accepting any content on this topic to help prevent the spread of potentially harmful misinformation.

5. Is it in any language other than English?

6. Is it difficult to view, read or understand?

  • This includes content that is obscured by pop-ups, written in an illegible font, or that is simply written in a confusing way. It also includes gated content whether that be paid or requiring an email sign-up to access the content.

  • Vestorly automatically tags all content that is gated or has a paywall.

Content that is obscured or that we can’t extract the text on is not processed by Vestorly and therefore does not show up in any feeds or categories.

7. Is it going to be out of date soon?

  • Promotions last 30 days, so the content needs to be relevant for at least one month.

  • Vestorly has an evergreen attribute where content can be sorted by being more or less evergreen.

8. Does it contain obvious grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors?

  • If mistakes are persistent and distracting then Vestorly can’t accept the content.

9. Is it a home page, index page, or a link to a social media platform?

  • Vestorly can only accept individual pieces of content hosted on a website, blog, or content platform (e.g. Medium).

10. Is it too specific for the intended category?

  • This includes content that targets a very niche audience or is only relevant to people in a specific location.

11. Are there any dead links in the content?

  • Vestorly automatically detects dead links and filters them out.

12. Is it too strongly opinionated or biased?

  • Be cognizant that your post may be shared by people who do not have the same views.

13. Is the content already being promoted?

  • Content can only be promoted in one category at a time, under one URL. If you’d like to try another category, you can do so once the first promotion is finished.

  • Vestorly automatically removes duplicates of any content.

14. Is the content too similar to previously submitted posts from the same account? OR, is the content deemed to have been plagiarized or closely copied from another original source.

Subjective Rules For Inclusion of Content

1. The content must provide sufficient interest or value.

2. The content cannot be offensive, shocking, or inappropriate.

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