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Enable Vestorly in the Orion Client Portal
Enable Vestorly in the Orion Client Portal
Enable Vestorly in the Orion Client Portal
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Through Vestorly’s integration with Orion, display your Vestorly content in your Orion Client Portal. Continue to maintain your content libraries and publish content in Vestorly, but use these instructions to display the content in the Orion Client Portal.

1. Log into Orion Connect, click on your User Profile in the top right, and choose Settings.

2. Choose the Integrations tab under Settings, and choose Vestorly from the options on the left. Log in with your Vestorly credentials.

3. Choose a Group (your Content Library) and Limit (number of articles to display from the library). If you have sorted your clients into separate Content Libraries, then choose Default, and each client will see the library indicated for him or her.

4. Click Save in the top right to exit.

5. To finalize the integration, click on the Client Portal app in Orion Connect.

6. Select Admin > Settings in the top right, beneath your User Profile.

7. Click the Integration tab and turn the Vestorly Integration to ON.

8. Vestorly content is now enabled for your clients in the Orion Client Portal. Navigate to Updates > Your Library to view the client experience.

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