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How to Connect Vestorly Using a Zapier Integration
How to Connect Vestorly Using a Zapier Integration
How to Connect Vestorly Using a Zapier Integration
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To connect Vestorly to a software with which we don’t have a native integration, use the Zapier integration. This allows you to import relationships from other platforms into the Vestorly app. This article will show you how to set up Vestorly as an action in Zapier.

1. Log into your Zapier Account

2. Go to this link to access Vestorly’s Zapier integration.

3. Select the Accept Invite & Build a Zap in the middle of the page.

4. Go back to your Zapier home page. The Vestorly app has been added to your Zapier account so you can access it.

5. Create your Zap by selecting Make a Zap in the top of the page.

6. Next, Zapier will ask you what type of Trigger you want to create. Consult the Zapier Documentation of the app you want to connect to Vestorly. The trigger should send to Zapier at least the first name, last name, and email of the relationship you want to add. In this example, we will use a webhook from OptinMonster to create the Zap.

7. After setting up your trigger, select the plus sign on the side of the page.

8. Zapier will ask you what type of Action you want to create. Use the search bar to select Vestorly as the Action App to receive the trigger of the other apps.

9. Zapier will ask which type of action you want to create. Currently, we offer one action. Select Create Members and then click Save + Continue.

10. Zapier will ask you to log in to your Vestorly account using a pop-up. Select Connect a New Account. If you don’t see the pop-up, check that your ad-blocker is disabled.

11. In the pop-up, enter your username and password for your account. Press Yes, Continue to return back to close the pop-up.

12. After returning to the page, click Save + Continue on the bottom right of the page to continue.

13. On this page, connect the fields to set up for the trigger. Note there are four main fields and the answers for the first three are dependent on what the trigger receives, so your screen may not look like this example. Select the side button to open up the drag-down window.

14. The drag-down window will bring up the fields from the trigger. Select the appropriate ones that fit the description given. In this example, select Archie as the first name. (Note: these options may be random and dependent on the trigger. If there are errors or the drag-down window does not have the proper fields, attempt to change up how the trigger is configured.)

15. For the tags portion, the drop-down brings down the tags you have for your relationships in Vestorly.

16. Reminder: You can add additional tags in your relationships tab on the Vestorly App if you want to group all of your relationships coming from Zapier in one place.

17. After creating the tag, click Check Vestorly to bring in the new tab by scrolling to the bottom of the tags.

18. This brings up your new tag and select that option. Click Continue after filling the four fields.

19. After selecting your tag and pressing continue, you should see something similar to this example, but possibly with different tags. Click Create & Continue. This should finish creating the app.

20. After successfully completing the test, you just have to turn on your Zap and name it. Note: the test will actually create contact with First Name Archie and Last Name Monster. Feel free to delete this contact after going back to Vestorly.

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