As a Hootsuite Pro user, you can pull in a stream of Vestorly content. Utilize Hootsuite scheduling and analytics technology in conjunction with Vestorly’s content engine and specific identity reporting.

This article will teach you to:

Install the Vestorly App on Hootsuite

Schedule Vestorly Posts with Hootsuite

Install the Vestorly App on Hootsuite

1. As a Hootsuite Pro user, log in to your account.

2. From the left-hand menu, select App Directory.

3. In the App Directory, search for Vestorly and click Install App.

4. The app will automatically install, and you can choose to add it to an existing tab or to create a new one. Click Finish.

Schedule Vestorly Posts with Hootsuite

1. After clicking to add a stream to a new tab or existing tab, you’ll see the following prompt to complete the setup of a Vestorly stream. At any time on any tab, you can add another Vestorly stream by clicking Add Stream. Now, click to connect to your Vestorly account. A Vestorly login will open in a new window. Enter your Vestorly credentials.

2. Your Vestorly tab will now have one Vestorly stream that includes “All Suggestions.” Extend this menu to select other topics or one of your content libraries. If you select “All Suggestions” or one of the topics under it, these will include all content that has been suggested by the Vestorly engine, but not that you have necessarily published to a library. Your own created content libraries will appear at the bottom of the list. Choose one of these to view only content that you have already published.

3. Create additional streams of libraries by clicking Add Stream. Choose Apps from the popup and then select the green plus symbol next to Vestorly.

4. Set up the new stream in the same way you did the first. Try setting up one stream for all of your libraries to take an easy view of all content you have already chosen to share.

5. At this point, you have successfully connected your Vestorly content libraries to your Hootsuite account and can schedule posts to share to any of your connected social accounts as you normally would.

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