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How does Vestorly handle 3rd party content in your mobile application?
How does Vestorly handle 3rd party content in your mobile application?
Overview of the expected user experience when using Vestorly to recommend 3rd party content within a mobile application.
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A common misconception when building a mobile application for an iOS or Android device is that using 3rd party content will send users out of your mobile app experience. This is simply not the case.

When developing a mobile application via iOS or Android, the mobile application can be built with a simple browser that can render 3rd party content URLs by opening in a new “tab” or “window” within your mobile app. Your dedicated Vestorly success manager will help you with this. The opening of an external website URL such as to a Reuters article will not require Safari or Chrome, rather the users will remain in your mobile application.

Here is an example of how Vestorly handles 3rd party content in your mobile application.

The below video shows the full user experience of opening and closing a 3rd party article from within an iOS application newsfeed experience:

  1. View of an iOS application newsfeed

This is a mobile application newsfeed experience.

2. Click on a Reuters article

The user then clicks on a Reuters article that links out to Reuters hosted web content.

3. Article loads from, opening within the iOS app browser.

The Reuters hosted article loads within the iOS app as a separate page. This page can be closed and the user will return back to the iOS app newsfeed by clicking "Done".

3. Clicking “Done” returns the user to the newsfeed or iOS app main page

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