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Become A Thought Leader By Launching Vestorly
Become A Thought Leader By Launching Vestorly
How Dynasty Financial Partners has managed the COVID-19 crisis through the use of the Vestorly intelligent content management platform.
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How Dynasty Financial Partners has managed the COVID-19 crisis through the use of the Vestorly intelligent content management platform.

Who is Dynasty Financial?

Dynasty is a leading provider of wealth management and technology platforms for independent financial advisory firms. They create access to valuable resources and industry-leading capabilities through an open architecture platform, enabling their advisors to have the freedom to address their clients’ needs in an objective manner.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a global volatile business environment wherein Dynasty’s Network of independent financial advisory firms needed to respond to client concerns and provide frequent updates and perspectives.

Dynasty also faced new restrictions on face-to-face meetings and client events that were no longer possible after social distancing and shelter at home regulations were enacted. These meetings allowed Dynasty to share and evaluate pertinent investment, business, and client planning information with their clients.

Dynasty engaged the Vestorly team in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to how Vestorly could help.

Challenges to address:

1. Email communications could not keep up with the speed of change and new information

2. Need to position advisors as thought leaders

3. Missing real-time resources and knowledge to follow up with clients

The Solution

How could Dynasty overcome the moratorium on in-person meetings? How and what were they going to communicate to their advisors in an efficient and timely manner?

The Solution: Create a robust content hub using Vestorly’s content curation and content management platform.

In just a matter of minutes, Dynasty leveraged the Vestorly blog platform to launch a central location to share information and best practices across their network that their financial advisors could use to manage their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Vestorly content hub could update in real-time with news and information from well-respected media outlets which made it a superior communication channel than email which was slow and clunky. Dynasty was able to take this content hub idea and bring it to life within 24 hours.

Dynasty utilized the Vestorly content portal (Vestorly Discover) and created a content hub with three distinct sections. The first, called Dynasty Views, featured in-house content, podcasts, and other original content from the parent company. The second, called Network Views, featured content from the vast Dynasty advisor network. The third, called Industry Views, featured content curated from the Vestorly content inventory.


Within days, Dynasty’s COVID-19 content hub was being referenced in financial media and news outlets as a go-to resource into how the financial world has been operating during COVID-19. This resulted in a lift in brand awareness, interest in the message, and engagement with content.

The Dynasty COVID-19 blog resulted in positive feedback with visitors viewing and visiting the page on a daily basis and news outlets utilizing the blog as a source of content for their own publications. Their average user viewed it more than 4x per week. Most importantly, Dynasty and their Network of advisors were being positioned as thought leaders for client communications during the time of a pandemic. Dynasty Advisors were also creating prospecting opportunities, stronger relationships with their clients, and being a trusted resource.


The creation of the Dynasty COVID-19 blog was a success against all metrics. With the launch of the Vestorly content hub they:

1. Streamlined communication in a professional and cogent manner with their clients during a challenging time.

2. Boosted brand awareness, market recognition, and became acknowledged thought leaders.

3. Created prospecting opportunities and stronger client relationships.

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