There is a certain satisfaction that comes from being ahead of the business curve, even though there is also frustration that it may have taken the market much too long to get to that same place. This is what we feel at Vestorly when it comes to AI-curated content.

We have been preaching this as an effective content marketing solution to boost engagement and drive conversions since 2016. It has become our core mission, our value proposition, our leading edge.

As we enter into the middle of 2020 Vestorly has been recognized as one of the top trending content curation tools throughout the world for our AI-driven intelligent content curation platform.

Recently, Robert Schefferine, vice president of production at ABC Entertainment Marketing described content as “ a company’s most important asset. It’s the way you communicate to customers about who you are, what your brand is all about, why people should care, and that you care about your customer.”

In a recent article in Content Marketing World, Lilach Bullock lays out 6 AI tools to help you get smarter at content marketing. It begins with creating a systemized and intentional approach.

Granted there are many avenues to create, collect, and distribute content. However, without a system to analyze reader engagement, evaluate, and then iterate to deliver a personalized stream of content that matches the reader’s preferences, many content marketing systems fall flat. Even worse, they result in negative brand implications as audiences are bombarded with content that is not relevant, redundant, and sometimes downright inappropriate.

AI Provides Quantifiable Advantages

There are many advantages to using Artificial Intelligence in a content marketing context. Taken individually and certainly as a whole, it provides better ROI to marketing teams’ efforts. Some of the quantifiable and extrinsic advantages include:

  • Higher Engagement

  • Lower Bounce Rate

  • Increased Personalization

  • Mass Customization

  • More Efficiency and Productivity

  • Savings in Man-hours

  • Higher Conversion Rates

  • Better Quality content

Our belief in the power of AI-driven content curation has paid dividends. Our software is both intelligent, simple to implement, and extremely flexible. After all, it’s how Vestorly provides the right content to the right person at the right time.

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