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Troubleshooting Your Test Email Deliveries
Troubleshooting Your Test Email Deliveries
How to resolve the common issues when you can't find your Vestorly test email.
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We know it's frustrating to craft and send a test email and then not receive it. There are a few factors that can influence your test email delivery

  1. The test email may have been sent to a different email address than you expected. To check where the test email was sent, please click here to view your email preferences page. You can edit the test email recipient by adding an alternative recipient email address.

2.  The test email may have been sent to your Spam/Junk folder.  When the initial Test Email is sent, you may need to mark the Vestorly email  as "not spam", which will help future test email deliveries.

3.  Add as a Contact, or a Verified Sender with your email provider (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc). Because Vestorly sends the email from, validating this address as verified will help your test email arrive. Here's how to add a verified email sender on Outlook.

4.  Using Filler Text can trigger spam filters within your Test Email recipient's email provider. Please avoid words like "test" or "testing" in the email subject-line and avoid using, " Lorem Ipsum" text, in the body of the email newsletter.

5.  If your from email address is a free email account you may have issues. Although you're welcome to use free email domains, like Yahoo and Gmail, as your From email address in Vestorly, these free services have policies in place that can sometimes cause delivery issues. If possible, we recommend you register a private domain to use as your From email address.

6.  The time it takes for a test email to arrive in your inbox can vary depending on your email and internet service providers (ESPs and ISPs). It can take up to 24 hours or more for test emails to arrive, even under normal circumstances.

If the email is still not available, please reach out to your Customer Success Team here for further assistance.

Thank you,

Your Vestorly Customer Success Team

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