Vestorly is responding to your unprecedented need for intelligent and comprehensive content about the Coronavirus epidemic by launching a new Trending News category, covering the latest news and keeping you informed on the containment of the Coronavirus.

In this time of uncertainty, having a source for reliable news information to get a handle on the current situation and future developments is crucial for any business.

Vestorly understands the pressing need that businesses of all sizes have to communicate with their customers on their activities and keep them informed.

It is exactly in times like these that leveraging your own communication channels to maintain your business relationships is paramount.

You can check out the new category in your account by Clicking Here.

With so many of us glued to our screens and our news apps, your audience needs the most up-to-date information from a wider swath of reliable sources in order to make immediate and longer term decisions.

The Vestorly Trending News category includes information from the top publications, blogs, news sites, and governmental agencies. Vestorly will be adding additional sources continuously to make this Trending New category a valuable asset for your content and communications efforts, today and into the future.

Vestorly is offering access to its content categories for Free users, to ensure that everyone has access to this vital stream of information. We believe that providing clarity in the time of uncertainty will help us all.

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