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New Product Update: Compliance Cop™, Vestorly's New AI Compliance Filter
New Product Update: Compliance Cop™, Vestorly's New AI Compliance Filter
Announcing Vestorly's AI-driven compliance filter to ensure your content is compliant per FINRA and SEC rules and regulations.
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Vestorly has launched a powerful AI-driven compliance filter for content in your account. Announcing Compliance Cop™ a compliance filter to remove content that does not meet FINRA and SEC rules and regulations for financial advisor marketing.

What is this?

Over the years Vestorly has worked with dozens of Chief Compliance Officers at some of the nations leading broker-dealers to establish a core set of rules defining what content is compliant vs what can put a financial advisor business at risk.

The Vestorly Compliance Exchange has integrated 11 broker-dealers across the industry, connecting Vestorly's compliance approval process to each broker-dealers core systems in both marketing and compliance departments.  Through these approval workflows running in Vestorly's Compliance Exchange, Vestorly AI has collected billions of data points on what content is compliant vs not compliant.

How does it work?

Armed with billions of data points from broker-dealers compliance approval workflows, Vestorly's AI-driven machine learning systems has learned and adapted its models to determine if a given piece of content is compliant or not.

When Vestorly ingests thousands of articles every hour, it runs the full text of each article through its algorithms to score the probability that a given article will be approved or rejected by a compliance officer.  Vestorly provides a compliance filter for each feed of content in your account where you can set the sensitivity for compliance approval.  For example, you can set the sensitivity low for travel content and high for personal finance content.

How do I use it?

Please contact your customer success representative or email and we'll activate this feature for you.

Once the feature has been activated, you'll see the compliance icon when looking at a bookmark feed in your account.

You'll then be able to set the compliance filtering sensitivity with a slider.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Your Vestorly Customer Success Team

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