Increasing client engagement while maintaining brand control. 

Advisors Excel  financial advisors were not marketing effectively, resulting in poor communication and churn.

Some issues to overcome were:

  1.  Low client retention
  2.  Poor marketing engagement for financial
    advisor representatives
  3.  Advisors Excel brand not being represented
  4. Difficult compliance adherence

The Challenge: Reduce Churn Through Increased Client Interaction and Branding

Previously Advisors Excel didn't have the ability to successfully market for their financial advisor representatives. The Advisor's Excel brand name was absent from most of the communications and marketing materials. They also experienced extreme difficulty finding compliance approved content to share. 

The Solution: Content Curation and Delivery Through Vestorly's Intelligence Center.

Vestorly's AI streams and delivers approved content to all accounts automatically. The team shares emails with personalized content for each financial advisor weekly or bi-weekly. 

Curated content is automatically posted to each advisor's social media accounts. Vestorly accounts are provided to every Advisors Excel financial advisor for management and reporting.

The clients for life program is a fully automated drip campaign customized to each financial advisor's brand and designed to touch their audience multiple times per year through email, social media, and on websites. 

"Advisors choose whether they prefer the hands-off method, where all the information is fully automated, or hands on, joining the process to create even more customized content. Either way, this service helps give advisors hours upon hours of their busy week back"

-Abby Allen, Program Manager, Advisors Excel

Vestorly Provides Advisors Excel With The Tools To:

  1. Email personalized content for each financial advisor weekly or bi-weekly
  2. Provide curated content that is automatically posted to each advisors’ social media account.
  3. Accounts are provided to every Advisor’s Excel financial advisor for management and reporting.
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