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Discovering and Curating Relevant Content to Boost CTR by 230%
Discovering and Curating Relevant Content to Boost CTR by 230%
OneQube Case Study about using Vestorly AI to curate relevant content to boost clients' social media engagement.
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OneQube provides their clients cloud based digital audience management, to build, manage, and market to digital audiences. OneQube offer a complete audience development solution: a powerful platform and expertise to analyze, optimize and reach your digital audience.

The team sought a solution to easily find content to share with their online audience.

The Challenge: Accessing and Sharing Quality Content Easily

Previously OneQube's team would spend countless hours manually finding content with content aggregators for their clients to share on social media and email. The team needed a solution to automatically curate and deliver content, on a one-to-one level, accurately track interactions, and easily create and send relevant email touch points. 

" We have been searching for content because we need to learn and adapt to what our clients like. We didn't know there was technology that could do this for us." 

-Marcela Shine, Chief Operating Officer, OneQube

The Solution: Provide OneQube's Clients With AI Powered Customized Content

Through Vestorly's intelligent content curation platform, OneQube is able to continually learn about their audience and share content based on their preferences. The Insights Newsletter provides personalized news for their clients teams. The branded content exploration portal enables OneQube's team to have access to a content repository for future and past emails.

The Result: Quality Relevant Content Delivered Easily To OneQube's Users

OneQube Lessons Learned: 

  1. The OneQube team has saved over 7 hours a week that formally was spent gathering and approving content for distribution. 

  2.  Vestorly content recommendations have more than doubled social media engagement across Facebook and Twitter. 

  3. Through Vestorly's seamless interface and integration, OneQube is automating brand touch points across the organization. 

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