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Matching Brokers With Relevant Personalized Content
Matching Brokers With Relevant Personalized Content
MetLife Case Study For Personalized Content For Brokers
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Matching Brokers With Relevant Personalized Content 

MetLife provides insurance and employee benefits solutions. By providing clients with Supplemental Health and Income Protection, they spend less time worrying about finances and more time focused on their health. Steve Salesnik, a Senior Marketing Consultant at Metlife, wanted to provide his high value brokers with content relevant to them based on profile attributes. 

Steve didn't want to keep sharing generic content, and wanted to share personalized relevant content based on his broker preferences. 

The Challenge:  To Increase Engagement With Brokers With Third Party Content In A Scalable Manner.

His team sough a solution to automatically curate and deliver content, on a one-to-one level, while tracking interactions, and allowing anyone to easily create and send relevant email touch points. 

The Solution: Provide Brokers With Personalized Content For Their Audience, Based On Their Preferences.

Vestorly is a deep-reaching content platform that continually learns about you and your audience's preferences. The artificial intelligence provides content that resonates with each of MetLife's contacts. Emulating the broker's article selection over time. By utilizing the Insights Newsletter, the MetLife team shares relevant and personalized news for brokers on the field. The team also implemented the BrokerNews portal, creating a repository of content for brokers on the field to explore. 

" Vestorly's curated content, along with MetLife's original content, enables us to develop a newsletter that positions MetLife as a thought leader while providing brokers with insights that can help them with their client relationships" 

- Steven Salesnik, Senior Marketing Consultant, Metlife

The Result: Brokers Share Relevant Exciting Content Leading To Increased Audience Engagement And Communication

" There's an appetite among our brokers to receive this type of information and they're hungry for more"  

  • Steven Salesnik, Senior Marketing Consultant, Metlife

MetLife Lessons Learned:

  1. Through daily content review, MetLife content was personalized based on user preferences.

  2. Vestorly's intuitive interface enabled the MetLife team to quickly and easily find content to create email newsletters, boosting engagement by 217%. 

  3. The email campaign results surpassed prior campaign and pilot goals. The newsletter Open Rate increased to over 25%. While the Click Through Rate has sky rocketed to over 22%. 

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