At Vestorly we are always working to make your experience as wonderful as possible. Now we are improving our Grow Your List™ feature, bringing to light a more personalized and authentic content interaction for you and your audience.

The new Vestorly Grow Your List™ is now a personally branded prompt to add new prospects to your next email distribution when Vestorly does not recognize the contact or if the contact is not on your existing email list.  Vestorly Grow Your List™ will turn any content you share into a lead capture tool, boosting your email subscriber list. As always, the signup prompt can be turned on or off via the Grow Your List™ page in Vestorly.

How to Customize Your Signup Prompt

The signup can now match the colors to your site, update your logo, the prompt messaging, and signup button. Vestorly Grow Your List™ can be customized by visiting your customize page.

  1. Adding your logo

  2. Set your branding colors

  3. Update the signup/login prompt messaging.

We've researched and tested these updates to boost your rate of conversion and lead capture. We've found that the more authentic and native-looking experience leads to a higher rate of capture for email newsletter recipients.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to your customer success representative with any questions or to schedule a new training session.

Thank you,

Your Vestorly Customer Success Team

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