At Vestorly, we're constantly working to improve the platform. Most of these improvements are behind the scenes to make the application faster, improve the quality of the content, and help deliver the content seamlessly to your audience.

While these incremental changes might go unnoticed, the Vestorly team is always working to make your experience as wonderful as possible.  And now we are improving the way you navigate the application so that you can find what you want more quickly and seamlessly.

Navigation Bar Improvements

The first thing you’ll notice is that Vestorly's top navigation bar has changed to allow easier access to the Explore, Search, and Bookmark functionality.


This is where you can discover the most engaging content for your audience by Category, Source, and through Your Daily News. Vestorly AI automatically surfaces the best content for your account based on billions of data points. 


Vestorly Search is more powerful than ever.  With this update, you can turn your search into a stream of content that updates daily. Want to add this stream into an ongoing email or social media campaign?  No problem! Create a feed from the search results and add this feed to your next email or social campaign.


Your Bookmarks are now broken down into Collections and Feeds. Your Collections are all of the articles you have tagged yourself in Vestorly.  Feeds are custom curations of content based on your sources, keywords, and other Vestorly-collected data.

Filtering Content

We've made it so you can filter your Bookmark Feeds by topic or source.  Don't like a source? Simply remove it from your feed. Want to make sure you exclude content that mentions a competitor? Remove all mentions of a competitor by adding the name as a keyword to NOT be included.

We're excited to bring you these improvements to make your experience with Vestorly more valuable. As always, don't hesitate to reach out to your customer success representative with any questions or to schedule a new training session.

Thank you,

Your Vestorly Customer Success Team

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