Next Generation Content Marketing: No New Website Required

Tradition would have you believe that you can’t begin digital content marketing until you have a nice website in place. Otherwise, where would you direct strangers searching for an advisor on Google? Where would you host additional information about your firm?

Luckily, you’re not bound by traditional strategies developed for corporations and big brands. This is the financial services industry and clients don’t make wealth decisions based on pretty websites.

Take a glance at the results of’s 2014 AdvisorBenchmarking Trend Report on the effectiveness of different marketing methods for attracting new clients:

Way down at the bottom are the most traditional forms like direct mail and cold calls, and in the middle are newer forms of marketing (including your website!), but the top five spots are held by good old fashioned referrals.

Clearly, the future of your business does not hinge on your website.

While you wait on a new website, you’re letting time, referrals, and money pass you by. Vestorly goes to work now, and does what other digital marketing platforms cannot – it encourages your clients and colleagues to refer you by giving them the unique tools they need to do so.

Imagine it: Vestorly sends an automatic email to your clients with interesting news articles just for them. Your client passes on a valuable article to a friend. The friend reads the piece and you collect that friend’s information and track his or her reading. And just like that, you have one new prospect with a trusted connection to your firm. No new website necessary.

While you wait for your website to go live, start with Vestorly today. Power your emails and social media with the most relevant articles and capture those dormant referrals now.

This is the new digital marketing, bringing automated technology to power organic referrals.

No new website required.

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