Digital Communications with a Seasoned Generation

“I don’t think this kind of digital communication is a great fit for my clients…”

This conjecture is common among financial professionals, which is why we learned to read between the lines – “my clients are old!” But if you believe your clients are too old to read emails and online news or get content on social media, then you’re underestimating your clients and missing a crucial chance to engage and grow your business. The proof is in the numbers:

  • 76% of Americans 50+ get content online every day

  • 86% of internet users 65+ use email, with 48% doing so daily

  • The fastest growing demographic on both Facebook and Twitter is the 55-64 age bracket

  • 67% of affluent investors prefer email updates from their advisors weekly or monthly

We’re witnessing an exceedingly upward trend that correlates older generations, the internet, and social media. If your client communication relies on quarterly face-to-face meetings, then you’re out of touch 361 days of the year.

There’s no need to change the way you interact with clients. After all, personal contact and individual touch is the cornerstone of the advisor-client relationship. But to stay relevant with your older clients and their peers, you can supplement your outreach.

What’s more, experienced advisors who post engaging content through social media and automated emails see results, as reported in Putnam Investment’s 2015 study:

  • 79% of financial advisors have gained new clients through social media, with an average increase in AUM of $4.6M

  • 83% of advisors on Facebook gained business through Facebook

  • 56% of advisors on LinkedIn gained business through LinkedIn

You’re handing over an advantage to the competition if you forgo social media!

Think about it another way: do your older clients read the news? Safe to say yes. With Vestorly, you can automate real-time online content from your firm to your clients, and deliver it directly into their inboxes. The benefits are real:

  • You can associate the news clients want and trust with you and your firm

  • Give them a no-pressure and easy way to refer you (nothing easier than forwarding an email, or sharing an article with a friend)

  • Automatically keep your firm top of mind among your network, without all the busy work.

In this digital economy, every generation is online. With the right tools, you can engage them all, see immediately measurable results, and save time doing it.

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