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When Markets Are Volatile, Communicate Quickly and Effectively with Vestorly
When Markets Are Volatile, Communicate Quickly and Effectively with Vestorly
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When Markets Are Volatile, Communicate Quickly and Effectively with Vestorly

A volatile market means people have questions. “The markets are down! Is my portfolio safe?” “I saw Apple is up! Why am I not a shareholder?” Every question from a client or prospective client is an opportunity to increase business – as long as you’re there with a trusted answer.

Communicating during market volatility is valuable for your clients and for your firm. Vestorly is best put to use in these situations, enabling mass personalization in a pinch and getting you in front of frightened or curious clients before they come to you.

Calm Your Clients

Your audience is reading the news regardless of your activity. Be the one to share it with them and provide commentary on these articles that reinforces your sound strategy. As investors read news, they form opinions, ask more questions, shape their perception, and consider action. Direct the right news to them and shape their interpretation with your commentary, resulting in desirable action.

Demonstrate Value to Prospects

In times of volatility, all investors have questions, especially those without an advisor. Use Vestorly to automatically stay in front of them with content and answers. Demonstrate your expertise to prospects in a timely manner without spending hours doing it. Present yourself as someone with answers, and prospects will turn to you with questions.

Enable Your Audience to Share Your Perspective

Give your audience a powerful message to share and they will. Send them an email with relevant content from the Web combined with your respected commentary, and they’ll forward the information to friends who are also anxious. You’ll find that the most active readers are the ones most in need of an advisor. Connect to prospects in need through clients who already trust you and referrals won’t be so hard to come by.

“Vestorly is a great tool when the market is volatile and clients are worried. In volatile markets, it’s important that we are communicating regularly with clients and Vestorly helps you do that.”

– Krista Murray, PSM Wealth Management

The markets change quickly, so respond quickly to make the most of content marketing. Here’s how with Vestorly:

  1. Select several articles on market news and investing strategy from respected sources and add to a Bookmark.

  2. Add your own commentary to each article on why it’s an important read, (or not an important read!) and what it means for your portfolio strategy.

  3. Add the articles to an Email Roundup with a short introduction. Summarize the state of the market, its impact, and how you’re working to protect clients. Invite them to get in touch for more information and share this with their network.

  4. See which clients and prospects are interacting on your Reporting Dashboard, and act accordingly.

When the market takes a turn, you can’t avoid phone calls, emails, and trade requests. But you can use technology to automate personalization at scale and satisfy more of your clients more quickly.

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