Using Vestorly during Market Volatility: How Users Communicated after the Brexit Vote

After the major news out of Britain last Friday, many service professionals logged into Vestorly to use the technology to communicate clearly and quickly with their clients. We saw a huge amount of reader activity beginning Friday and continuing through the weekend. We wanted to learn more about how professionals from the financial services industry use Vestorly in times of breaking news and market crisis. Here’s what we found:

Not surprisingly, clients are looking for information on world news that affects their investments. In times of market volatility, they’re more likely to engage with their advisors, meaning it’s the most important time to be in touch.

With Vestorly’s curated content and automated tools, advisors were able to log in with Vestorly quickly to send timely commentary and advice when their relationships needed it most.

These are a few of the emails Vestorly users built and sent in the immediate aftermath of the news:

Just like Halbert Hargrove, AtwoB and Crafted Finance in the above examples, many professional service providers were sending similar emails to stay in front of their clients and prospects. Read more here about the importance of communicating when the markets are volatile and why it is so impactful to your business.

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