How to Send the Most Relevant Email Newsletter in Response to Equifax

After this month’s Equifax data breach, 143 million Americans had good reason to worry about their financial security. A crisis in the news is a crucial time to communicate with contacts. It’s when they have the most questions and you, as a trusted professional, should be the one to provide them with answers and guidance. It’s your chance to provide the most relevant email newsletter.

Here is the newsletter Certified Financial Group, a Vestorly user, was able to create and send quickly after the data breach:

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CFG was able to create and send this email out quickly to their contacts using Vestorly’s email builder. Communicating during a major event is valuable for your contacts and for your firm. Vestorly is best put to use in these situations, enabling mass personalization in a pinch and getting you in front of clients before they come to you.

Reassure Your Clients

Your contacts are reading the news regardless of the emails you send them. When you act quickly and become the source of the news and information they want, you set yourself up as a trusted source. Direct the right news to your contacts, provide commentary to help them understand your perspective, and prompt the best actions.

Demonstrate Value

In a crisis we all have questions, and many do not have a trusted adviser or professional to turn to. Use Vestorly to automatically stay in front of prospective customers with answers. Demonstrate your expertise in a timely manner without spending hours of your own time.

Encourage Your Contacts to Share Your Perspective

Give your audience a powerful message to share and they will. Those who receive CFG’s email above will forward it to the friends and family they know who have the same questions. The most active readers are the ones most in need of guidance. Connect to new contacts in need through clients who already trust you and referrals won’t be so hard to come by.

“Vestorly is a great tool when the market is volatile and clients are worried. In volatile markets, it’s important that we are communicating regularly with clients and Vestorly helps you do that.”

– Krista Murray, PSM Wealth Management

Using Vestorly to Send the Most Relevant Email Newsletter

Though a crisis in the news is an ideal time for clients to receive your communication, it is not often the ideal time for you to write email newsletters. CFG and many other professionals use Vestorly’s AI engine to surface the stories most relevant to readers. Rather than writing their own articles, CFG shared stories from top sources and added their own brief commentary. They are able to react quickly, satisfy their clients, and spend time on tasks other than marketing.

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