3 Ways Any Busy Professional Can Be a Smart Content Marketer

If you’re going to do something, do it right!

Business owners and service professionals have embraced content marketing as an effective form of digital communication and relationship-building, but many have seen less than stellar results. 67% of content marketers in financial services, for example, are producing more content than they did a year ago, but 66% say they’re still challenged by producing engaging content.

In their haste to jump on the content marketing train, they’ve neglected some basic tenets of communication and sacrificed their potential. Doing content marketing right doesn’t mean huge investments of time and money. It just requires making smarter choices and complementing your efforts with the right technology.

With that in mind, here are three ways you can be a smarter content marketer:

Personalize content for every relationship

This one makes intuitive sense. If the content you share is personally chosen or written for each recipient, they’re more likely to engage with it.

The challenge is finding enough hours in the day to distribute personalized content to your entire audience. If your audience is more than a few people, you’ll never find the time. This is where technology comes in. Software based on artificial intelligence makes these personalized choices for you. The intelligent algorithms at the core of software like Vestorly curate stories for every reader at a rate you just can’t replicate. It’s scalable for any business and is more likely to engage every reader, turning them into viable relationships.

Remain consistent with automation

You could spend weeks researching, designing, and writing the perfect piece of content for your audience. But if it’s the only piece you share, it’ll have minimal impact. Consistency is a huge indicator of your content marketing strategy’s success. To be consistent, most will recommend you create an editorial schedule or a content calendar, but this is just more time and work for you. Instead, rely on automated tools to power weekly and daily emails, social posts, and website updates. Digital communication is one of the first things to be moved to the back burner when things get busy. If you’ve used a tool like Vestorly to automate your sharing, you’ll remain consistent even when busy.

Act on the right data

Metrics are key to understanding your strategy’s performance and optimizing future results, but it’s important to distinguish between metrics for relationship businesses and brand businesses. If you’re marketing for Coca-Cola, then email open rates, retweets, and Facebook shares directly correlate to your market share. These KPIs matter for big brands. For any advisory or consultancy business where person-to-person relationships matter more, this data simply isn’t relevant. The activity and interests of your individual relationships matter far more to converting clients.

When you know a reader’s identity and every piece of content he or she reads, you gain a more comprehensive picture of that person, allowing you to better personalize the stories you share in the future, and to build a real relationship. Personal data like this are something you can directly act on to form more valuable relationships.

Vestorly Is Your Smart Content Marketer

By leveraging technology in your content marketing efforts, you can focus less on tasks like content creation, curation, and distribution. Instead focus on acting on the results, and converting online readers to offline relationships.

With Vestorly’s personalization, automation, artificial intelligence, and meaningful data, you don’t have to be a content marketer.

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