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Best Practices: How Often Should I Share Content?
Best Practices: How Often Should I Share Content?
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Best Practices: How Often Should I Share Content? 

In this series, we’ll highlight the common queries we receive from Vestorly users and our recommendations for best practices. 

Think of your Vestorly library as a representation of you and your firm. It should reflect your best qualities: current, well-informed, dynamic, and interesting. As a general rule, anytime someone might be viewing your content, your library should have content published within the last week. If your library features only time-sensitive content like current news events or the changing markets, share new content more frequently (a cinch with Vestorly’s auto-publishing tool, Vestorly Network Effect).

If you choose not to use the auto-publish tool, it’s best to make your updates prior to a scheduled email or social media roundup. Keep in mind that even if you only schedule emails or social media roundups weekly, the link to your library is always accessible, so it’s best to update more than just before a weekly roundup. Many of our successful users log in every few days, pick 2-3 relevant articles, and call it a day!

Like any good rule though, there are exceptions. For example, if you embed a library on your website that is meant to host static content (like an introductory video or a one-pager on your firm), then there’s no need to add dynamic news. If you use Vestorly to host your blog or firm news, update it only when you publish a new post.

If your library is meant to host news articles or information related to changing markets, then make an effort to update the content daily. With Vestorly’s auto-publish tool, this effort is minimal – just a one-time action and you can trust that your library is consistently updated. Simply turn on Vestorly Network Effect, choose your topics to post daily, and you’re set.

Vestorly is customizable for you, your audience, and your schedule. Keep these guidelines in mind, but the best practice is what makes most sense for you.

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