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Email Best Practices: When and How Often Should I Send an Email? What About My Subject Line?
Email Best Practices: When and How Often Should I Send an Email? What About My Subject Line?
Learn how to improve your Vestorly email engagement with a few simple tips.
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Best Practices: When and How Often Should I Send an Email Roundup?

In this series, we’ll highlight the common queries we receive from Vestorly users and our recommendations for best practices. 

It’s important to optimize your email send time, since it has a large impact on the amount of opens, reads, and clicks. In fact, 23% of emails are opened in the first hour after sending. Of course, many factors contribute, like subject, audience, topic, and your readers’ lifestyle and habits.

When to Send?

Best Day of Week

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday

Best Time of Day

  • 7am – 9am local time (Average CTR of 6.3%)

  • 4pm – 8pm local time (Average CTR of 5.8%)

  • 11am – 1pm local time (Average CTR of 4.9%)

How Often to Send?

We can be a bit more decisive with the answer to “how often?” There’s a reason we set automated emails to go weekly; a weekly email to your audience has multiple benefits:

  • Establishes a more regular touch point to keep you top of mind

  • Casts you as a reliable source of frequent information

  • Encourages more interaction and sharing, so you grow your audience and learn more about it

Many advisors rely on the Automated Emails  tool to make weekly emails a cinch, while others choose to send Manual Emails on a biweekly or monthly basis. In the latter example, add a recurring event to your calendar so that you remember to set 20 minutes aside to choose content and schedule your email regularly.

How to Improve the Subject Line to Boost Performance?

The Subject line of an email is one of the most important factors when it comes to email engagement. Including a unique, timely, or relevant subject line for your emails will encourage your readers to engage.

If you are seeing low engagement but have also maintained the same subject line for your emails, it’s likely there is fatigue among your audience and the email appears automated / not personalized to the reader. Vestorly suggests trying the following: Have interchangeable subject lines

  • Base your subject line on a featured article

  • Ensure your subject lines are timely or specific

You should see a boost in engagement rates with a change in subject line.

What's the Conclusion?

Bottom Line: Weekly emails, sent mid-week or on Sunday, in the morning or evening see the best results. When setting your own calendar though, consider your audience, schedule, and goals.  Also, change your subject line frequently.  When in doubt, base your subject line on your featured content.

Most importantly: be regular, consistent, frequent, and reliable in your email strategy.

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