Summer Marketing Plan: How to Maintain Client Communication Even while You’re on Vacation

Relationship-building can’t afford a summer vacation for a personal business like financial services. Even if you’re ready for a few weeks out in the sun, you need a summer marketing plan in place. Your clients need to know you’re always working for them and are well attuned to the markets and their investments, and your prospective clients require continued touchpoints and maintained nurturing to bring about value in the partnership. Your relationships may not be returning calls and setting meetings, but their needs don’t disappear during your time off, and in a few weeks when they’re ready to focus on their portfolios, they’ll think of the advisors who have been in touch.

Be honest with yourself though about how you want to spend your time for the remaining summer months. You want a real vacation! A break from work, and emails, and phone calls and follow ups. That break takes a toll though. 20% of white collar workers report a productivity loss in the summer, and that number rises to 80% for employees simply leaving early on a Friday.

A Robo-Marketing Assistant to Handle Your Summer Marketing Plan

So what to do? Sacrifice your much-deserved summer vacation, or sacrifice potential business opportunities?

How about neither? Automated and intelligent tools can complete tasks like digital communication and email marketing so you don’t have to. Using Vestorly, you can send frequent, consistent and reliable emails highlighting top quality stories that engage and interest your relationships.

Vestorly can send emails like the below on your behalf all summer long:

Vestorly’s intelligent algorithms source the stories right for your audience allowing you to maintain a precise, targeted, curated experience for them without spending your own time.

The automated tools ensure that your most important contacts are receiving programmatic touchpoints year-round, even when you, and more importantly – your competitors – are not in the office.

You may be on vacation, but your opportunity to stay top of mind and stand out from your competitors exists year round. With Vestorly as your robo-marketing assistant, you can take that vacation without worry.

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