Is Redundant Content Hurting Your Brand Perception?

Are you worried about sending redundant content to your contacts? If you’re using one of the many automated content marketing tools popping up for businesses, then you’re likely posting the same “stuff” on social media and emailing the same stories to your relationships as others. Too many professionals fall victim to this trap.

We understand. It was a quick, easy and likely low-cost decision. Just push a button and send out a canned message. But think of the experience from your audience’s perspectives. What makes you think they want anything other than a modern and intuitive Web experience? Isn’t that what would you would desire?

Your business prospects probably signed up for a few email newsletters as due diligence. Maybe they followed a few on Twitter, too. You might send a nice email newsletter, and they may even be impressed enough to click through. But what happens when they get the same email from a competitor a few minutes later?

Even worse, what if yours isn’t the first one they get?

Your brand perception just tanked.

You Provide Custom Solutions. Why Not Have Custom Conversations?

If you pitch a distinctive ability to provide custom solutions and a personalized experience, but your communications are the same noise as the competition, there is a brand-damaging disconnect.

Every touchpoint shapes the perception of your professionalism, so it’s important to set yourself apart from the crowd clamoring for attention.

When you invest in your digital communication efforts, you do more than just set the tone for your brand – you offer content with inherent value that spurs personal conversations based on each relationship’s unique needs.

When you and your competitors share the same content, you’re all showing that relationship enablement through modern communication is just not that important to you. This is a mistake.

Perhaps you’ll get lucky and the article you’re sharing happens to stand out to the right person at the right time.

But if you relied on data instead of luck, imagine how much more successful you’d be. Imagine sharing to each of your relationships particular stories of personal interest. Wouldn’t you impress them with your targeted and personalized communication? Wouldn’t you increase their interest and engagement? And wouldn’t this lead to conversations that leap from online to real life?

If you’re using an automated tool to share content, then you’ve already recognized that there’s huge potential value in sharing stories with your audience and building a digital presence.

But you’re only halfway there. To unlock that potential value in sharing, you must appreciate the importance of standing out with high-quality, personalized stories and unique messaging. Treat your relationships the way you’d want to be treated: with real-time, personalized, mobile and useful content.

Don’t settle for cheap imitations that damage your brand perception. Eliminate redundant content and grow your business relationships.

Vestorly automatically curates the right content for your audience using artificial intelligence, data science, and intuitive modern Web experiences. It keeps you connected with people and facilitates new conversations with real people. Vestorly achieves this automation without sacrificing personalization, and augments your brand as a timely resource, not a “me too marketer.”

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