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Best Practices: Supercharge Your Digital Relationships with Data and Personalized Content
Best Practices: Supercharge Your Digital Relationships with Data and Personalized Content
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Best Practices: Supercharge Your Digital Relationships with Data and Personalized Content

In this series, we’ll highlight the common queries we receive from Vestorly users and our recommendations for best practices. Today we’re answering, “How do I best use Vestorly reporting to my advantage?”

The Reporting Page on your Vestorly Dashboard provides unique and valuable information for your client service, prospecting approach, and overall audience engagement strategy. These analytics will help you develop your digital relationships with individuals through the content you share.

  • Take a Broad View: learn about your audience and improve future communication

  • Meet Individual Readers: explore specific interests and activities, access contact information to better understand your clients and convert prospects

Take a Broad View

Begin with the Reader Signups chart, which displays the source from where your viewers come:

Meanwhile, the Content Performance page displays the readership of individual articles you’ve posted.

Use the information:

A broad view of your communication’s performance guides you in your future actions. Capitalize on your strongest social media accounts and topics to readjust lower-performing strategies. For example:

  • If the majority of your signups come through email, then make sure your email list includes all contacts. Connect your social and email accounts, your CRM, and any other lists of colleagues, clients, leads, prospects, and personal or professional connections.

  • If your emails are successful, send more frequently – once a week is the sweet-spot with our automated email tool.

  • If one of your social accounts performs strongly, post on this platform more frequently. Turn on automated weekly roundups, and post individual articles to your social media profiles through Vestorly instead of the traditional way.

  • Examine topic and source performance. If no readers click through to sports or politics articles for example, limit these topics. Conversely, if travel or Wall Street Journal articles get many views, add more of those.

  • Segment your email communication based on reader habits. If your older readers tend to read articles about retirement and travel, sort them to a new content library that offers them what they enjoy. Advisors often segment by age, financial goals, or hobbies and interests.

Continue to supply readers with content, examine what works best for you, and make adjustments to future actions.

Meet Individual Readers

This is particularly valuable for your prospecting strategy. Use information about specific readers to develop a personal relationship with prospective clients and get to know your clients better.

Click on a particular reader to see what he or she clicked, read, and shared.

For example, you notice that one of your current clients forwarded an article on 401Ks to his friend, Jim. Jim signed up to view the article, then clicked through to read more on 401Ks and retirement planning, clicked to your collection of content, and viewed a piece on the NFL. Now, you have some insights into Jim’s financial situation and his personal interests, plus at least one shared connection.

Use the information:

As you would segment groups of readers, segment individual readers. This strategy works best for email. Continue to consider the case of Jim:

  • Add Jim to a content library along with others who have a similar profile or interests.

  • If Jim clicked through to your homepage, consider him a lead and treat him as such (perhaps by adding to your “Friends” library). Anyone viewing your homepage has interest in more than just the content.

  • If Jim’s profile differs greatly from the rest of your audience, send him completely personalized email communication. Create a content library just for him to further engage him and turn him from lead to client: “Jim’s Library.”

  • Alternatively, streamline this by sending one individual article to Jim. Find an article he’ll appreciate, add a personal note, and send through Vestorly.

The Vestorly Customer Success team is happy to work with you on an individual prospecting approach to utilize this information in a way that makes the most sense for your firm. Get in touch to set up some time and supercharge your digital relationships.

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