Best Practices: Create a Call to Action on Your Website Using Vestorly

In this series, we’ll highlight the common queries we receive from Vestorly users and our recommendations for best practices. Today we’re presenting a tactic to increase newsletter signups with a call to action.

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt to your audience to take an immediate action, like “Call Now.”

A common CTA prompts visitors to sign up to join an email newsletter list. Because accessing a Vestorly library requires new visitors to enter their email addresses, you can creatively use the link to your library of content as a lead capture form. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get the link to your Vestorly library: it is something like or

  2. Add a button or hyperlink on your website linking to this address. You may need assistance from your webmaster or web designer for this step.

  3. When a visitor clicks to sign up, they’ll be directed to the login prompt. Edit the prompt so the message matches the CTA.

You can follow these same instructions for other CTAs. For example, if you share original content and blog posts through Vestorly, the CTA could be “View Our Blog.”

In addition to placing the CTA on your website, add it to your email signature. Include a line in your signature like “Join Our Mailing List” or “Read the Latest Market News.”

Instead of linking to your entire library, you can link to a whitepaper or research article for a prompt like “Download Our Whitepaper.” First import the original content into your library. Then click on the content to find its unique address. Use as the hyperlink for your CTA.

By encouraging visitors to sign up with varied CTAs in more locations, you’ll increase the number of relationships receiving your newsletters. For assistance devising a creative CTA or implementing one, contact

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