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Best Practices: How Can I Maximize My Social Media Impact with Vestorly?
Best Practices: How Can I Maximize My Social Media Impact with Vestorly?
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Best Practices: How Can I Maximize My Social Media Impact with Vestorly?

In this series, we’ll highlight the common queries we receive from Vestorly users and our recommendations for best practices.

To nearly every financial advisor, we have the same response. First, actively get fresh content on your social media pages. Second, handle this activity entirely through Vestorly.

Let’s begin with the first. To build a thriving financial services firm in 2015, social media is a necessity. A 2013 survey by Cogent Research of the Mass Affluent (investors with at least $100,000 – $1 million in assets) found:

  • 44% of the Mass Affluent engage with financial institutions on social media

  • 34% engage with content shared by financial institutions on social media

  • 20% consider relevant content the most valuable result from a financial company’s social presence

“Across the board, there is a 25-40% opportunity gap between the information [the Mass Affluent expect from financial institution] and what they actually receive, representing a significant opportunity for marketers to fill that need.”

A 2014 study by InvestmentNews found 24.5% of advisors gained new clients from social media in the previous year, along with many other benefits:

The upward trend is clear: with the right content, financial advisors can build relationships with prospects and clients.

On to part two: handle all social media activity through Vestorly. When you do so, whether you share an article, an update, or a funny tidbit, you’ll get the benefits of an active social media presence amplified by the powerful insights of Vestorly’s reporting.

When you post an article directly to LinkedIn without Vestorly, you’ve taken the first shot, but now the ball is in your reader’s court. Unless someone reads an article and comments on it or reaches out to you, you have no opportunity to establish a real relationship.

By contrast, when you post the same article to LinkedIn through Vestorly, you’ll know exactly who reads it, what else they read, and if they shared it with others. You can access their contact information to add them to your email list and continue to engage them more directly and more personally. If the reader is a current client, use the information about their interests and reading history to better understand their goals and reveal business opportunities.

The information you need to grow your business is out there. You just need to uncover it with the tool that finds content, shares it, and identifies readers.

Here’s how to implement with Vestorly:

  1. Use Vestorly’s content engine to find the right articles. Investors want to be educated by trusted advisors and by respected sources. Canned content is dry, dull, and without personality, but it isn’t your only option. Any real-time publication is available when you use Vestorly, as is the ability to share your own thoughts.

  2. Turn on weekly automated Social Roundups to establish a consistent and helpful social presence.

  3. Share individual pieces of content through Vestorly’s sharing tool to highlight especially important reads.

  4. Post to your company pages as well as personal pages.

  5. Take advantage of our Hootsuite App to schedule multiple posts in advance.

  6. Use our advanced reports to act on your results.

Share more often, do it through Vestorly, and put the ball back in your court. Bigger business is yours when you use the right tools the right way.

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