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Best Practices: What Should I Write in My First Vestorly Email?
Best Practices: What Should I Write in My First Vestorly Email?
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Best Practices: What Should I Write in My First Vestorly Email?

In this series, we’ll highlight the common queries we receive from Vestorly users and our recommendations for best practices.

New Vestorly users are often new to email communication in general, or are making the switch from another service. Many wonder if they should add a message to their first Vestorly email to introduce their new weekly email.

When it comes to messaging, you know your brand, audience and style best, but we offer several suggested components to include in the body of your initial email (hint: steps 3-7 work for all future emails, not just the first):

  1. Welcome your readers to this new weekly email

  2. Let them know what they can expect from these weekly emails

  3. Encourage them to reach out with questions or feedback

  4. Remind them you’re available for any other questions regarding your services

  5. Suggest that they share relevant articles with friends who may be interested

  6. Offer commentary on a particular article you think they’ll be interested in

  7. Add your signature and contact information

Here’s what that first email might look like:

This email introduction is a good starting point, but can be customized depending on your audience and the articles you plan on sharing. Here’s the text of that email if you’d like to copy it:

[FIRM NAME] is pleased to welcome you to our new weekly newsletters. In these news roundups, we’ll curate the top stories of the week for you, chosen to help you understand the markets and your investments (with the occasional off-topic article added for fun!). 

If any article piques your interest or spurs further questions, just reply here for more information. We also encourage you to forward and share any stories that may be helpful or interesting to a friend.

This week, the Fortune article on the Fed’s response to Brexit is particularly interesting and is a good example of how global events impact us domestically.

If you have feedback, questions or suggestions for other topics, just let us know. We look forward to delivering you this value directly to your inbox every week.

This sample text could be used as a starting point to contacts you’re less familiar with:

We at [FIRM NAME], a renowned wealth manager in [AREA], are pleased to introduce ourselves. As a trusted source of financial advice, we welcome you to our weekly newsletters, curated with the best stories of the week intended to help you understand the markets and your best financial path forward.

We encourage you to click through to stories that interest you, share with friends who may find them helpful, and reply to us with any questions about an article you read or regarding your own financial plan.

We look forward to getting to know you better.

Theses sample texts are good starting points for your first email, but your message will depend on your content and your relationships. After your first email, check our best practices for using email to meet the people you’ve initiated relationships with using Vestorly.

If you’d like assistance building a first contact email message, send a note to your Customer Success Associate or

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