Your Data-Based Social Strategy

Social media for business isn’t just accepted these days; it’s expected. Professionals are using it to discover and research audiences, build out networks, and spread brand awareness. Your competitors, too, are using it to close new business. But a huge gap remains in what consumers (and your prospective customers) want to see online and what most professionals provide. Implementing a data-based social strategy will ensure you offer social content your audience wants and the success of your digital efforts.

Data should drive social media use, strengthening relations with your clients and connecting with prospective clients. When you’re programming content for your social media channels, choose the content people want and share when they want it. Data and hard evidence tell you what and when that is.

Thousands of professionals use Vestorly to share content everyday with their audiences – millions in aggregate. Over the last few years, we’ve tracked over 2 billion data points from their usage and interactions to find out what they really want.

We’ve found it’s real-time news from premium trusted sources like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. They are more likely to click on posts featuring high quality imagery and will stick around longer for a modern interface. They don’t want to read old news, articles that aren’t timely or relevant to the day’s, week’s, or month’s events. They don’t want canned content, white-labeled articles written generically by someone else it, and they won’t click on posts featuring poor images. If your articles take them through a “Web 1.0” experience – imagine the web back as you knew it in 1999 – they will click elsewhere.

Implementing Your Data-Based Social Strategy with Technology

A thoughtful and well-implemented social strategy is easier said than done. For many professionals, social media is not your main business. Your time is better spent on your main job rather than finding articles to share, and during crunch time, social media will be the first thing to go. There are thousands of tools available to create and execute a social strategy. Two types of tools helpful in implementing the strategy discussed here are for curating content and scheduling posts automatically.

There is no shortage of excellent scheduling tools, but curation tools are limited. Vestorly offers a solution.

Vestorly is a software that automates a data-based social strategy. It curates content from the best sources for your audience, and automatically shares it on social media (as well as through email newsletters and on your website). Vestorly is based on AI that examines your audience and what they’re most likely to read, and then suggests the posts most engaging for them for a personal touch.

The data we’ve used to make recommendations about the content people want and when they want it comes from what we’ve seen our users and their audiences doing. This data is available in your Vestorly accounts too, so you can examine what’s most impactful and what people like best (or take the suggestions from our intelligent engine).

Your ultimate goal when developing a social media strategy is to share the content that engages readers to intrigue them enough to bring them back to you and your company. Vestorly helps you live and tell stories in the digital space through the gift of content. With a more intriguing and interesting digital presence, you’ll draw more people in and initiate more conversations.

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