Five Ways Your Business Can Go Digital

Here’s a number you can’t ignore: companies using technology to lead a digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their industry average. The truth is nearly every business, no matter small or large and no matter the industry, will eventually have to go digital to be efficient, satisfy customers, and remain competitive. The only question is: will you lead the charge or reluctantly follow the trends?

If you feel behind the curve on the latest technology trends in business, you can still catch up. Take these actions now to bring your digital transformation.

  1.  Make Social Media a Daily Habit

Chances are, you’re in touch with your customers. Whether by phone, email, direct mail, or events, you have regular touchpoints to maintain relationships with your contacts. You keep them abreast of industry trends and up-to-date on their business with you. Bring this same level of contact to social media. Every demographic spends their time on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and your presence there can be used in the same way you use other offline touchpoints: to stay top-of-mind and to share industry trends and news they should know.

2. Track Client Activity & Analytics Online

No matter the size of your business, CRMs will make your business run more smoothly, help you uncover business opportunities, and identify inefficiencies in your business. Read more about the benefits of taking your CRM online.

3. Save Trees, Time and Tender

Direct mail just ends up in a messy pile on your contacts’ desks. Put the money spent on direct mail marketing to an email marketing solution. Email gets more views, more completed calls to action, and shows you actionable analytics. 

4. Choose Your Digital Partners Wisely

Small businesses often tap into agency resources, especially upon entering the overwhelming digital market. It can be a huge time saver and a relief to partner with experts to go digital. Just make sure they understand your business needs and will tailor their approach to said needs. It’s easy to fall victim to a one-size-fits-all agency approach, but it’s worth your time to vet different agencies until you find one that will work best for your business. Read more about considerations when choosing a digital agency.

5. You Don’t Have to Do It All

Thousands of technologies, strategies, and methods of marketing your business exist. Strive for a balance of those that work best for you. You’ll have to try new things and go through some trial and error, but versatility in your approach can only help you reach different audiences and expand your contact base. Learn more about a 360-degree digital approach.

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