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A Vestorly Case Study with American Capital Planning: “The Best Thing I’ve Done in Electronic Marketing”
A Vestorly Case Study with American Capital Planning: “The Best Thing I’ve Done in Electronic Marketing”
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A Vestorly Case Study with American Capital Planning: “The Best Thing I’ve Done in Electronic Marketing”

American Capital Planning is an independent wealth management firm led by Bonnie Sewell, specialized in resolving financial aspects of divorce more quickly and less expensively. The firm came to Vestorly to solve its need for more effective communication.

Poor Content and Inefficient Methods

Sewell experimented with several marketing applications over the years, including Constant Contact and Hootsuite. She struggled to find “colorful, true, researched, and high-level quality” content. She had no method of curating, storing, or sharing content consistently. When came the time to share, “I had to go back and remember articles I had found earlier. By the time I got back to them, they’re old.”

Sewell’s approach also lacked organization, resulting in time spent inefficiently on several uncoordinated initiatives, delivering no usable analytics. She posted articles on social media when she found something interesting and sent the occasional newsletter, but her efforts were spread across several platforms and returned no actionable insights.

A Solution in Vestorly’s Content Engine and Dashboard

Sewell now uses Vestorly to search content by the topics she and her clients enjoy, and by sources she trusts to be high quality. When she discovers an interesting article, she simply adds it to her library to share out at any time. Since Vestorly facilitates sharing via email and social media, she coordinates her efforts and automates communication. Her results and readers are displayed on one easy-to-read dashboard, so she better understands her audience, meets individual readers, and acts on the knowledge.

She finds her content, stores it, and shares it all from one place, requiring less of her time and delivering far superior results.

“Vestorly finds content that’s from a reputable source, has journalistic standards, or is fun for clients. I can find high-level, quality content on a consistent basis…”

The Result: Higher Reader Engagement

In her first six weeks of use, Sewell had 161 readers sign up to view her library and 533 total views, thanks to quality content which engaged and interested readers.

“Readers tell me, ‘I love that, who’s doing that for you?’ Vestorly can do what a marketing company does at a fraction of the price.”

Sewell was especially grateful for Vestorly when her automated news roundups helped her re-engage a family with whom she’d lost touch:

“This family goes to the front of the queue when I see a rare communication from them and I am now helping them through an issue they’ve raised. Vestorly is working nicely to keep me in front of clients but it has also had the wonderful benefit of keeping me safely in front of this family who felt like they could reach out today for a little help.”

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