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Bigger Business, Stronger Relationships: A Vestorly Case Study with Dightman Capital
Bigger Business, Stronger Relationships: A Vestorly Case Study with Dightman Capital
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Bigger Business, Stronger Relationships: A Vestorly Case Study with Dightman Capital

Dightman Capital Group manages adaptive investment strategies for individual investors as part of a comprehensive planning environment. With Brian Dightman at its helm, the firm delivers adaptive investment and planning solutions for challenging conditions.

Metrics without Meaning

The firm’s prior online communication efforts were scattered across several platforms, including emails, original blog posts, and social media shares. Dightman spent his time drafting emails and other content, but the results were unidentifiable. Google Analytics occasionally provided insights, but the information didn’t help identify and close business opportunities. Since each channel delivered results in different units, the numbers did not work in tandem. Retweets on Twitter, views on a website, and open rates for an email did not add up or offer any actionable knowledge. Dightman was left hoping that those readers would come to him.

A Cohesive Solution, Revealing Results 

With Vestorly, Dightman manages three sharing platforms from one dashboard. Articles streamed in email, on social media profiles, and on his website all send viewers back to the same place, providing him a fuller grasp of his audience. When a new contact clicks through to a social post, Dightman automatically adds the viewer to his email subscriber list and continues to engage the reader with desirable content. Vestorly delivers him specific identities and their interests. Dightman uses the information to make future choices about relevant content and increase engagement with specific people in his network.

“It is absolutely valuable to see exactly who read an article. I know exactly who clicked on any number of these articles, so I get a feel for what’s resonating. That’s very powerful and it’s all built into this one system. It has definitely delivered what I’d hoped for and I’m going to leverage this further by engaging these people to bring on new business.”

The Result: New Business

Right after launching Vestorly, Dightman identified and converted a new client who needed personal assistance. Vestorly’s automated content streaming lets him target a new reader with specially curated articles, casting Dightman as a thought leader and respected source of information. In less than one hour per week, the firm had a new client.

“At the end of the day the business is about relationships, maintaining communication, and getting in front of people. This has reinvigorated that process for me…This is a rapport-building tool for me. It’s the opportunity to engage on like minded subjects. Through that process I can uncover a portfolio need or even a new client.”

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