An Engaging Presence in 15 Minutes: A Vestorly Case Study with Fish and Associates

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Fish and Associates provides comprehensive wealth management services to clients with a dynamic planning process. Named one of the Top Financial Planners in the country from 2008-2011, Kathy Fish and her firm were an early adopter of Vestorly through its integration with Kestra Investment Services.

Too Little Time

With a strategy focused on solving big needs for clients, Fish and Associates found little time was left for building a digital presence, other than the occasional social media post. Their marketing strategy relied on word-of-mouth, but with little proactive effort to spur it. Finding the right types of materials for regular correspondence, executing email and social media campaigns, and analyzing results did not fit the schedule.

An Integrated, Compliant Solution

As an advisor with Kestra Investment Services, Fish accesses Vestorly through single sign-on in Kestra’s AdvisorComplete dashboard. There, she uses Vestorly’s dashboard to curate and stream the content her audience will appreciate. Because Vestorly is integrated with Kestra’s compliance department, every piece of content she chooses is first routed to compliance personnel, with approval automatically reflected in Vestorly. When she is ready to stream the approved content, she does so with automated email and social media tools.

“We wanted a more personalized way to reach people in a way that was easy for us to obtain and output content. The biggest challenge was time. We do not have the time to devote to scouring the internet for interesting articles and then posting via social media or email.”

The Result: Time Well Spent

Fish and Associates have found far higher engagement by sharing high quality material consistently via email, social media, and their website. With the ability to find, curate, gain approval on, and stream content from one dashboard, Fish spends only 15 minutes a week for a strategy with far more return than the occasional post on social media.

“I now spend 15 minutes per week on Vestorly; choosing articles, arranging content and scheduling Social Media and Emails. We’ve seen an increase in engagement, people have really been interested in the content. Vestorly makes the task of providing new content to clients and potential clients simple and time efficient.”

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