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Software as Powerful as a Full Time Employee: A Vestorly Case Study with Halbert Hargrove
Software as Powerful as a Full Time Employee: A Vestorly Case Study with Halbert Hargrove
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Software as Powerful as a Full Time Employee: A Vestorly Case Study with Halbert Hargrove

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Halbert Hargrove provides a proven, goals-directed planning process for wealthy families and individuals. Recognized as one of the top wealth advisory firms in the country, Halbert Hargrove is committed to transparency and innovation. Drew Taylor, Managing Director, shares his Vestorly success.

The Challenge: No Strategy, No Results

Halbert Hargrove’s former communication efforts featured only a semi-quarterly investment-specific newsletter sent to all existing clients and contacts who might generate leads or referrals. The firm often missed their goal of quarterly communication if they had no pressing topic for the quarter.

“We didn’t have a well thought out strategy or consistent effort to get information in front of clients, prospects, or centers of influence which could be valuable to readers, could help tell our story, or could feature third party articles, which could bolster our message.”

The results matched the effort. The firm saw no evidence the newsletter played any role in growing business or satisfying clients. Readers only commented, “this looks like it would be great, but I don’t understand half of it.” At most, the newsletter let clients feel better knowing their investment advisory firm was working behind the scenes.

The Solution: Consistent Content Solves Client Engagement

In about 30 minutes per week, Taylor now streams curated content to the firm’s website and automates a regular e-newsletter personalized to each recipient. Since Vestorly makes it simple to stick to a schedule, the firm stays in front of clients and other target groups.

“It would take 1-2 people full time just to replicate the consistency of effort. This is hugely important because it creates additional touch points with each and every one of our audiences.”

Taylor also improved the older material which went over readers’ heads in the quarterly newsletters. By streaming reputable third-party resources consistent with the firm’s message, Taylor finds readers are open to being educated. The conversation changed from “My advisor tells me I should contribute to my IRA” to “Wow, the Wall Street Journal is writing about IRAs, which my advisor keeps telling me about. This must be important.”

The Result: A Growing Network of Satisfied Clients and Engaged Prospects

By engaging their audience with more enjoyable content regularly, Halbert Hargrove increased their database by 15% with client referrals from content sharing. As clients and centers of influence forwarded monthly emails and articles to friends, those friends entered the library and became a part of the firm’s network. Current clients have provided numerous positive comments describing their delight in receiving frequent updates with interesting and relevant news, and Halbert Hargrove signed on a new client who enjoyed the forwarded content and reached out unsolicited.

“This is an additional service we are providing to our clients, and they really appreciate we are able to offer it. It’s a key touch point that allows us to solidify our relationship with our clients and to deepen the relationship with them.”

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