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3 New Clients in 9 Months: A Vestorly Case Study with Sizemore Capital
3 New Clients in 9 Months: A Vestorly Case Study with Sizemore Capital
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3 New Clients in 9 Months: A Vestorly Case Study with Sizemore Capital

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Sizemore Capital was able to turn online engagement into business with Vestorly’s content sharing and analysis tools. Sizemore Capital is a money management and financial advisory firm specializing in retirement and education planning for families and family offices. As an early adopter of Vestorly, Charles Sizemore has reaped many Vestorly benefits for his firm.

The Challenge: Untapped Audience

Sizemore Capital had an active online presence, including regular social media, email campaigns, and the Sizemore Insights blog. The firm’s audience was limited to only current readers, subscribers, and clients. They lacked a way to expand their audience, to measure that expansion, and to activate their reader base to reach mutual connections.

The Solution: Distribution and Reader Tracking

Sizemore already had plenty of original content, and with Vestorly, found a way to distribute it among potential clients. Sizemore leverages the power of his client base and strong social media presence by sharing his content via email and social media through Vestorly’s platform. As current readers and connections read and re-share his content, he tracks these new readers and their interests, enabling more efficient prospecting and higher closing rates.

The Result: Mutual Connections Become Conversions

After nine months of sharing original content with Vestorly’s email and social media tools, Sizemore Capital Management generated 44 new prospective referrals. At least three new client relationships were sourced from those referrals in that time.

“One of the most challenging aspects of the investment management business is getting your message across to would-be clients. Vestorly gives me a ‘compliance safe’ venue to reach out to clients and prospects, but it is also much more than that. Vestorly leverages the power of social media and expands my reach. We’ve all heard of ‘six degrees of separation,’ and that is the idea behind Vestorly. It allows your clients and prospects to refer you to their friends and colleagues in a comfortable way that adds value to everyone involved. I highly recommend Vestorly and intend to continue integrating it into my practice in the years ahead to grow my firm.”

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