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Streamlined Strategy and Eye-Opening Results: A Vestorly Case Study with Sontag Advisory
Streamlined Strategy and Eye-Opening Results: A Vestorly Case Study with Sontag Advisory
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Streamlined Strategy and Eye-Opening Results: A Vestorly Case Study with Sontag Advisory

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Sontag Advisory hosted content on its website, but had difficulty driving and analyzing traffic to it. Sontag Advisory is a wealth manager, investment advisor, consultant and fiduciary based in New York City. Eric Sontag, COO and Managing Director, discusses how Vestorly has impacted the firm.

The Challenge: Dry Content with Trivial Results

Sontag’s communication strategy with clients and prospects relied on firm-written content hosted on their website. Facing difficulty writing regular fresh content and lacking a social media presence, the website had very poor traffic. Without a strong analytics tool, the firm didn’t track viewers or content performance, leaving them unable to act on their marketing efforts or improve for the future.

The Solution: Analytics Reveal Desired Content

Vestorly provided Sontag a method to find more reader-friendly content, reach a larger audience, and see clearer results. Sontag now streams interesting articles to their website, and shares it via email and social media to increase traffic.

“We come across third party content all the time and always wondered how we could deliver it to clients as a form of communication. Vestorly provided a perfect solution. Our News & Insights page is now far more attractive, both visually and functionally, for our clients and prospects.”

For example, Sontag recently posted an article about Medicare enrollment and searched for clients who recently turned 65. Advisors sent their respective clients an email linking to the article.

Sontag finds further benefit in Vestorly’s advanced analytics. The data on reader activity and content performance displays more about their audience’s interests and how to better engage them.

The Results: Content Opens Conversations

In just thirty minutes per week, Sontag has increased their strategic and consistent communication with clients in a more targeted fashion. With a better understanding of reader behavior, Sontag adjusts their offerings to better intrigue the audience.

“Analytics on content performance have been eye-opening. Often our own musings get far fewer hits than third-party content. Generally, the headlines from third-party articles do a better job than our white papers catching attention and giving clients something to think about with respect to their relationship with us.”

When the firm wants to engage clients on a topic, they now know a white paper titled “2015 Estate Planning” gets few clicks compared to “IRS Grabs $388 Million from Billionaire Davidson Estate” even though both carry the same message: clients should talk with their representatives about estate planning.

“The results have been an increase in communication with clients and in a more targeted fashion. The software makes this process far more streamlined and is both advisor and client friendly.”

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