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A Vestorly Case Study on Digital Outreach with The Burney Company
A Vestorly Case Study on Digital Outreach with The Burney Company
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A Vestorly Case Study on Digital Outreach with The Burney Company

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The Burney Company sought a channel for consistent, engaging client interactions. Vestorly helped them maintain consistency and quality in their digital outreach. The Burney Company is an Investment Advisor providing professional investment management for mass affluent and high net worth individuals. Burney is headquartered in Virginia and in 2016, was named to the Financial Times 300 Top Financial Advisers.

The Challenge: Sharing Higher Quality Content More Frequently

In 2014, The Burney Company set up profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, but in the intervening years, didn’t find a reliable strategy to maintain a social presence. They occasionally shared an article, research, or an original blog post, but the to-do list always had higher priority items than posting on social media. Without much digital outreach, they relied on referrals from a client referral program with their custodian. Burney desired a way to increase the amount of interesting content they shared to avoid the long stretches of silence online.

The Solution: Interesting Stories Shared Consistently

Using Vestorly, The Burney Company has implemented a consistent sharing strategy not only on their social channels, but also through email newsletters and on their website.

Burney takes 10 minutes on a Monday morning to curate stories for their relationships, and checks in during the week to review the data and newly formed relationships. They use the data to gain a better understanding of what resonates with their audience and curate more relevant stories every week.

The Result: Engagement Exceeding the Industry Average

“We’ve experienced fantastic interaction with our communication…We’ve seen the open rates remain high even as they keep receiving our emails each week. We didn’t know how our clients would respond to receiving these stories from us in their inboxes but the responses have been largely positive. We’ve found the articles to be good conversation starters, talking about our blog posts, and current events.” – Andy Pratt, The Burney Company

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