Consolidate Your Comms: A Vestorly Case Study with Reich Asset Management

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By updating technology and transitioning to Vestorly, Reich Asset Management was able to improve the quality of their communications and save time. Reich Asset Management is an advisor firm with Kestra Investment Services serving investors in the New Jersey area.

The Challenge: Time Lost to Outdated Technology

As a firm with Kestra, Reich Asset Management took advantage of access to a legacy email newsletter builder for client alerts, monthly newsletters, and weekly market updates. Amy Mahon, Director of Operations and Marketing, says they paid for additional correspondence on an ad hoc basis like birthdays and holidays, and they supplemented pre-written content with their own firm-written content.

“Sometimes the articles [from our former content provider] available for the newsletter are good. Most months though, there’s only one good article. We’d have to manually alter articles, make it a PDF, then upload it. We’d still have to create custom content and upload it…Prospects could only request the newsletter if a current client forwarded it to them because there was no other way to come to our website or access through social media.”

To post on Facebook and LinkedIn, Mahon logged into Sungard’s portal to submit posts to compliance for review.

“It’s a pain to use the portal. If we submit an article and it doesn’t get approved on time, it just doesn’t get published or it gets published late when it’s ineffective…The point of social media is to post stuff on the fly. It doesn’t make sense to submit a timely article for approval if it can’t be published until days later when it’s not relevant.” 

The Solution: A Consolidated System for Sharing Content Readers Want

The firm has transitioned email and social activity to Vestorly. They’ve increased their monthly newsletters to weekly, featuring a mix of stories from the Web and stories written by the firm. Their options are no longer limited to pre-written content from others, so they are able to feature articles far more natural and appealing to their audience.

“Vestorly is a nicer format because we’re able to choose any articles. We can choose stories featuring current events and non-investment related articles too. We have more readers sign up for our newsletters too since it’s so easy to sign up. With [our prior content provider], there was no easy way to sign up for the newsletter.”

Since Vestorly integrates with Sungard to consolidate the disparate technologies they had been using, they now complete more tasks from one dashboard. Mahon can submit articles for approval from Vestorly and share them from Vestorly, which means fewer steps required. The platform also makes it easy for compliance officers to review and approve articles, meaning approval delays are shortened and the firm can post more timely stories.

The Result: Time Saved and Happy Clients

Reich Asset Management has reduced time spent on email newsletters and social media by more than half. Most of their time spent on digital communication now is only used to create custom content.

The refreshing mix of content from across the Web results in more readers who are more pleased by the stories.

“We never really got any feedback from the newsletter [by our former content provider]. Now with Vestorly I’ve had people say to me ‘we love your newsletter you send.’ Just this past week nine new people signed up to read.”

Vestorly has been successful for Reich Asset Management since the technology is not outdated for the advisor to use and the stories and reading experience are not outdated for the audience.

“Vestorly has really been great and helpful and we’ve had a lot of new signups. I’ve recommended Vestorly to other advisors and let them know how helpful it is. We were so excited to finally be able to use it after we first saw it. We knew this would be great for us to use and it really has been since it’s so user-friendly.”

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