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Increased Contact: A Vestorly Case Study with Johns Creek Financial
Increased Contact: A Vestorly Case Study with Johns Creek Financial
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Increased Contact: A Vestorly Case Study with Johns Creek Financial

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With Vestorly’s help, Johns Creek Financial improved business relationships by increasing contact with clients.

Johns Creek Financial is a family financial practice with Kestra Investment Services located in Georgia. Mike Hyser, Managing Director, told us about his experience using Vestorly.

The Challenge: Finding a Simple Way to Send Frequent Touchpoints

Johns Creek’s only regular communication was a weekly email featuring a “By The Numbers” economic and financial report. The report was pre-approved by Kestra’s compliance department. When Hyser received the report on Mondays, he would copy and paste it and send through Outlook to a list of clients from his database.

This single communication required repetitive manual processes each week and, though clients appreciated the report, it wasn’t particularly engaging or exciting for them. Hyser also knew he was neglecting social media but wasn’t sure where to start.

The Solution: A More Robust Communication Strategy

Johns Creek continues to send a weekly rundown report, but it’s just one part of a communication strategy executed with Vestorly across email, social media, and their website. Now, the firm also sends a “Sunday Readers Digest” email featuring financial and lifestyle articles, posts on Facebook and LinkedIn several times per week, updates their website with fresh narratives, and sends occasional timely emails in response to unique news and events.

“The first Sunday morning news roundup I sent was very well received. I had a bunch of clients call and email me to say ‘That’s really cool. I like this.’ It went over really well and it’s very cool to see what people are looking at…And during the British Exit for example, I found an article with my perspective on the news and sent it out immediately. It was very helpful to get a relevant article out so quickly during an event like that.”

The Results: A Better Presence with Clients Starts More Conversations

Clients remain interested in and engaged with Johns Creek’s twice-weekly newsletters, with open rates often surpassing 35% (the industry average is 21%). The positive feedback is reflected in more than just the open rates though. It’s evident by the conversations clients initiate in response to the interesting content.

“To me the value of Vestorly is that I stay in front of my clients and let them know I care by sending them interesting content. One of my retired clients called after reading an article I sent about expenses in retirement saying, ‘I’m way off. We need to talk!’ Vestorly’s emails are a conversation starter for sure.”

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