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5 Ways This Real Estate Agent Uses Vestorly to Support His Business
5 Ways This Real Estate Agent Uses Vestorly to Support His Business
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5 Ways This Real Estate Agent Uses Vestorly to Support His Business

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From relationship management to lead generation, Vestorly ensures you know when and how to engage.

Newmark Knight Frank is a leading commercial real estate advisory firm. Alex Leopold, an associate in New York City, spoke with us about using Vestorly to grow his business at Newmark. Though Alex hadn’t invested in email marketing previously, he knew it was an important channel to explore. He chose Vestorly over other options to take advantage of the AI email newsletter and time-saving automation. Here is how he uses Vestorly to support his business goals.

To stay in front of business opportunities

“In our business, it’s crucial to stay in front of people and touch them at the right time, because you never know when they’ll need your services. When they do have a need, you want them to remember you over the competition.”

To know when his prospective clients are ready to buy

“We target prospective clients with weekly newsletters and use the readership data to learn exactly what each is reading, because it’s an indicator of their interest. Usually when someone is interested in reading about real estate it means it’s on their mind in some capacity.”

The below is a preview of a newsletter Alex sends with Vestorly to engage his audience. Click to see the full newsletter. 

To prepare for the long-term

“Vestorly is a great long-term tool because, if you’re able to engage people and know when to act on their interest, you can be confident you’ll see results. If you just keep in front of people, eventually they will have a need and think of you.”

To connect with his audience

“People respond to my newsletter to say things like, ‘This is great content, really interesting. Thanks for sending it.’”

To gain new clients

“My top goal to achieve using Vestorly is business development. Our weekly newsletters resulted in a new client in the first month of use and I’m confident it’s going to lead to even more business over time.”

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