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How to Increase Event Attendance with Vestorly: A User Case StudyHere’s how she does it.Following up for continued results
How to Increase Event Attendance with Vestorly: A User Case StudyHere’s how she does it.Following up for continued results
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How to Increase Event Attendance with Vestorly: A User Case Study

Many professionals have found online and offline events to be a reliable source of new business, but just as many have wondered if there’s any ROI at all. The biggest driver of success is attendance. Increasing event attendance means more opportunities, increased word-of-mouth, and greater success. But how can you ensure enough people show up to your event to make it successful?

We spoke with Julia Carlson, the founder of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, about her solution. She hosts seminars to engage and educate her clients, to meet referrals and expand her network, and to convert new clients. To increase event attendance and ensure her seminars are successful, she uses Vestorly to communicate in advance of events.

Here’s how she does it.

Julia recently held a seminar to promote her new book on women and finance. Three weeks prior to the event, she created an invitation using Vestorly.

In the weeks leading up to the event, she continued to send the event invitation to her network, changing the subject line to reflect the proximity of the event. She also shared the invitation on her social media accounts using Vestorly’s social media sharing tools.

One week prior to the seminar, Julia used her Vestorly dashboard to identify who had viewed the invitation by email or on social media, but had yet to RSVP. She reached out to those readers with an article from her blog and a personal invitation.

When Julia began planning the event, her goal was to have 30 attendees. By using Vestorly to market the seminar, she was able to increase event attendance to 45 women, far surpassing the goal. The last three days she had 10 people sign up with last minute emails and social media posts. Ultimately, Julia spent a total of only 30-45 minutes marketing the event.

“I have done quite a few workshops spending thousands of dollars on direct mail campaigns with less than a 1% return rate. With Vestorly, we set up the invite sequence to happen automatically and we could track the results. I was astonished at the results! We will be using Vestorly for future event marketing for sure!”

Following up for continued results

At the event Julia offered free consultations and ongoing educational opportunities to continue building her prospect list. For those who were interested but unable to attend the event, she hosts a webinar, which is convenient and cost-effective. She repeats the same process to invite attendees using Vestorly.

All attendees to the event and webinar are now on Julia’s reader list in Vestorly. She maintains contact and touchpoints by sharing engaging news and articles tailored to their interests. The consistent communication ensures Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group’s future events will continue to be successful and reach even more women and prospective clients.

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