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Making the Most of Little Time: A Vestorly Case Study with WellFit Financial
Making the Most of Little Time: A Vestorly Case Study with WellFit Financial
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Making the Most of Little Time: A Vestorly Case Study with WellFit Financial

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WellFit Financial uses experience, insights, and financial management tools to help like-minded clients achieve wealth, well-being, and abundance. As an advisor with Shareholders Service Group, Greg Lane took advantage of Vestorly’s partnership with SSG to bring Vestorly to his firm.

The Challenge: Mismanaged Time

Previously WellFit Financial split their marketing efforts among several platforms, including WordPress, newsletters, and social media. Since the tools were scattered, Lane posted irregularly. He sent emails, wrote blogs, and shared on social media whenever he had the time or something worth sharing. Lane didn’t have space in his schedule to coordinate efforts across multiple platforms or to develop and commit to a communication strategy.

The irregular, infrequent, and disjointed communication strategy’s unidentifiable results dissatisfied Lane.

The Solution: All Communication on One Platform

Lane consolidated his efforts across many platforms to one Vestorly dashboard. He no longer shares solely firm-written blogs, but instead curates libraries of themed content like “Your Wealth,” “Your Health,” and “WellFit Financial Top Reads.” He sends weekly email roundups to his network and automates his presence on Twitter and LinkedIn with weekly posts. Since the platform integrates so seamlessly with his social networks, his time is used far more efficiently than by handling each individually. The automated tools maintain a consistent quality presence while saving time and gaining better visibility into his readers’ activity.

“What I really like about Vestorly is its integration with LinkedIn and other social media sites. I’m able to leverage my time with those so much better now. When you look at the total time commitment consolidated within Vestorly, it’s so much less than handling each social media account individually.”

The Result: Better Use of Time

In the time Lane used to spend creating one newsletter, he now finds quality content, sends newsletters to more readers, publishes updates to social media, and uses the results to establish lucrative relationships.

“Vestorly enhances our presence and is time efficient. It cuts down on the amount of time spent marketing, so I can spend time with clients. The real difference is that quality of the content and the reporting is so much better. I get much better quality content out to so many more potential prospects.”

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