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Three Ways to Maximize Newsletter Impact: A Vestorly Case Study
Three Ways to Maximize Newsletter Impact: A Vestorly Case Study
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Three Ways to Maximize Newsletter Impact: A Vestorly Case Study

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Gwen Garrison, of Life Plan Financial, lacked the time and resources to pursue an effective email outreach plan for clients. Since signing up with Vestorly and trying different ways to maximize newsletter impact, Gwen has seen an increase in engagement with clients, and has gained a few new clients.

“We’ve picked up a couple of clients from the email newsletter. One in particular recently set an appointment and became great clients. I met them four years ago, and it took this long for them to become a client. I really feel if we’d had that newsletter in place sooner, we would have gotten them in as clients sooner.”

Three Ways to Maximize Impact

  1. Include a Personal Cover Note

Gwen was bemused to discover that at the beginning of her email newsletter outreach, many clients were only reading the cover notes – and they loved them! She received 5-12 responses back from each newsletter that addressed particulars of the cover letter, without seeing an uptick click-throughs. As these clients engaged more with Gwen and her newsletter, they began to read more of the content.

Struggling to write your cover note? Check out our Best Practices article here for tips.

  1. Add All New Contacts to Outreach List – Period.

Upon making a new contact, Gwen began automatically adding them to her email newsletter outreach list. That way, even if they didn’t meet for another few weeks, they were still hearing from her. Gwen finds that new contacts feel more familiar with her when they’re receiving her newsletter and are more likely to engage and pursue business.

Read more about using your newsletter to meet prospective clients here.

  1. Provide Opportunities for Your Clients Refer You New Business

By sending out a newsletter with diverse content, Gwen found an increase in client referrals. Clients find an interesting piece from her newsletter and forward it on to a contact, who then contact Gwen for more information. Gwen has one CPA, for example, who refers all of his clients to her. Without the newsletter, there would be a gap in opportunities for new contacts via referral.

After trying other methods for digital engagement, Gwen is thrilled she landed with Vestorly. Even clients who may not open the email will still see her name and the headlines she sends, keeping her top of mind. Vestorly users interested in utilizing some of Gwen’s tricks should contact customer support.

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