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3 New Clients, $2MM in AUM: A Vestorly Case Study with Cypress Partners
3 New Clients, $2MM in AUM: A Vestorly Case Study with Cypress Partners
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3 New Clients, $2MM in AUM: A Vestorly Case Study with Cypress Partners

Cypress Partners is a Bay Area wealth management firm founded by Pete Woodring. Cypress delivers leading-edge financial strategies tailored to the specific needs of individuals and families.

Manual, Offline, Irregular Correspondence

Cypress’s client correspondence and lead generation efforts were based entirely offline. Engaging clients and contacts meant personal phone calls and meetings, while referral efforts required networking through personal connections. Every interaction took valuable hours from the firm’s partners and unsolicited referrals were rare.

Woodring’s biggest challenge when supporting his business was finding a way to keep in touch with clients and leads. A strong solution would save his time and engage clients in a way that didn’t require one-on-one interactions.

A Solution in Content Education and Automation

With Vestorly, Woodring sends regular news roundups to Cypress’s contacts. Clients, who had previously only known personal interaction with the firm’s partners, respond enthusiastically to the educational content on topics like 401Ks and family wealth. They appreciate the regular correspondence and the illuminating materials. The frequent touch points keep Cypress top of mind, so clients turn to the firm more regularly for requests and to make referrals.

Vestorly’s automation streamlines the process further. Woodring chooses the most relevant articles for his audience from a suggested and curated stream and uses the scheduling tools to push them out through multiple channels.

“I lacked a way to stay in touch with my clients and prospects. Vestorly has solved that challenge nicely, and now I’m able to stay in front of my network in a non-threatening and very impactful way, via content education. Vestorly allows me to easily push educational based content to my network, which reflects very well on us.”

The Result: More Clients in Less Time

Woodring sees remarkable increases in engagement by spending just twenty minutes a week to choose and stream content. Establishing new relationships previously took hours of personal communication and in-person networking, but is now accomplished by automated contact. Thanks to Vestorly, Cypress Partners has three new clients worth $2MM in AUM.

“Cypress Partners has converted several new clients thanks to our consistent use of Vestorly, and we’ve dramatically increased our engagement level.”

“Vestorly is exactly what I had been looking for, an exclusive hub to distribute thought leadership content to clients, prospects, friends, and others in my personal network. I have had tremendous feedback from my recipients, and they appreciate the privacy of Vestorly, and the ability to easily share my content with those they care about.”


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