1.  Standard Content

Vestorly has an extensive library of content to utilize and is sourced from thousands of sources across the web in real-time. The standard topics Vestorly has already created for you are listed below.

Finance Related:

Entrepreneurship & Small Business / Markets, Economy, & Business / Personal Finance / Retirement / Insurance

World, Home, and Health:

Travel & Leisure / Home & Garden / Travel & leisure / Health & Fitness / Food & Drink / World

Other Topics:

Sports / Lifestyle / Technology / Science / Parenting & Family / Philanthropy / Politics & Policy / Entertainment / Automotive / Evergreen / Women’s Life / Men’s Life / Pet Owner / Millennial Content

Note that content is fed from Vestorly sources and is categorized for you automatically. Vestorly content feeds function similarly to Pandora radio. You’re able to train the underlying AI technology to provide better content over time through behavior such as explicitly liking or disliking articles.

These buttons will help make Vestorly recommendations more attuned to your interests:

2.  Custom Content

You’re able to create custom content experiences called bookmark feeds based on articles, topics, keywords, and sources. For example, you can request that Vestorly find articles similar to an article you’re interested in.

“More Like This” will search the entire content database for content similar to the specified article. You can then save the results for later reference. 

Another way to create custom feeds of content, is by copying over a topic. Once this topic is copied, you can promote keywords, remove keywords, and adjust the sources that are feeding content. These feeds can become completely unique, and are not limited to the topic you have copied from. See steps below:




By adjusting the keywords and sources, your feed can be created to pull any content you want from any source in Vestorly.  Please note that the more positive or negative keywords you add, the narrower the content scope becomes.

One of the easiest ways to find content is by using the Vestorly Search functionality. You can narrow your search down by the source and content topic. For example, searching for the keyword “Tax” within “Your favorite sources” or “Health & Fitness”.

4.  Sources and Data

Vestorly can pull in content from any source across the web.  These sources are typically RSS or XML feeds or URLs and PDFs added as original content.  However, Vestorly can also connect to external CMS (Content Management System) and other 1st party content sources via the Vestorly API. 

Any additional data associated to your business or audience (CRM, 1st party, financial, etc.) can be fed into Vestorly through the Vestorly API to make more dynamic content recommendations for your respective audience.

5.  Questions?

Please speak with your assigned Vestorly support representative if you have any questions or would like help creating your own unique content feeds.

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