In addition to editing the sources that provide articles to a Bookmark, you can edit the positive and negative keywords that influence which articles Vestorly’s AI includes in your Bookmark.

Opening the keywords editor

To open the editor, click the filter icon in the toolbar.

You’ll see an interface like this:


  1.  Bookmarks created using the “More Like This” option from an individual article will likely have a large number of positive keywords.

  2. Bookmarks created by copying a category provided by Vestorly may have a small number of positive keywords by default, or none at all.

  3. Bookmarks created by copying an individual source will not have any keywords by default.

Searching for keywords

As you use the keywords editor, you can do live searches of Vestorly’s keywords database to fine-tune your Bookmark. Some things to watch for in this example:

  • The search term is entered one letter at a time. This prevents the text that you enter from getting too far ahead of the search that occurs “under the hood”.

  • Clicking the + button next to a search result adds it to the list of positive or negative keywords

  • The search feature works for both positive and negative keywords.

Editing positive keywords

Positive keywords inform Vestorly’s AI about the topics which are most important to include in your Bookmark. Positive keywords are weighted, which means that you can change their importance relative to each other. There is no limit to the number of distinct keywords that you can include, but the total weight is limited to 100.

Here’s how you can edit positive keywords. Some things to watch for:

  • The button reduces the weight of a keyword without removing it

  • The + button adds weight to keyword

  • The x button next to the keyword itself removes it from the list but leaves it easy to re-add if you change your mind.

  • Attempting to add a keyword that would bring the total weight over 100 triggers an error message.

  • You can scroll up and down through the list of keywords.

Editing negative keywords

Negative keywords have the opposite effect from positive keywords; they tell Vestorly’s AI which topics are important to exclude from your Bookmark, such as the name of a competitor. Unlike positive keywords, negative keywords are not weighted but the are limited to 10 per Bookmark. This example shows a few features of negative keywords:

  • You can scroll through existing keywords to review them.

  • If you try to add a negative keyword that has already been added as a positive keyword, you’ll see a warning message. The reverse is also true.

  • Clicking the + button next to a search result adds it to the top of the keywords list.

  • You’ll see a warning message if you try to add more than 10 negative keywords.

Saving keywords

Clicking the Save button in the bottom right corner will save your changes and refresh the articles display so you can see the effects. Clicking Cancel will close the editor without saving.

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