All feeds on Vestorly are composed of one or more sources which provide articles that are included in the feed using Vestorly’s AI algorithms. With Bookmarks that you have created, you now have the ability to fine-tune exactly which sources can contribute articles to your feed using the Bookmark sources editor.

Creating a Bookmark

There are three ways in the Vestorly curation app to create a Bookmark:

1. After using the “More Like This” feature from an individual article thumbnail or search result, you can create a Bookmark of the similar articles that were found.

2. Copying a category such as Personal Finance:

3. Copying a source feed like Entrepreneur:

Editing Bookmark sources

Opening the sources editor

To open the sources editor, click the RSS icon in the toolbar:

You will see an interface like this:

Articles from sources in the Added to Feed column will be eligible to appear in the Bookmark; articles from sources in the Available column will never appear in the Bookmark. 

In this example, all sources that can be accessed by your account have already been added to the Bookmark. In other cases, you might see a mix of sources in the Added to Feed column and sources in the Available column. A Bookmark with no sources in the Added to Feed column will be empty of articles.

Adding and removing sources

The sources editor interface allows you to move sources individually using the green + and buttons. For sources with multiple sections, such as ABC News, the entire publication can be moved or sections can be moved individually. To show or hide the sub-feeds, use the arrow next to the title of the top-level source.

Sources can also be moved in bulk using the Remove All and Add All buttons. 

Using filters

To make it easier to find the sources that you’re looking for, there are two ways to use filters. The Custom Sources tab will hide all sources except any that you created manually. The Filter Publishers field hides all sources except those where the name of the top-level source or a sub-feed matches the text that you input.

While a filter is in place, the Add All or Remove All features will apply only to sources matching the filter.

Applying your changes

When you are finished, click the Save button at the bottom of the editor to save your changes. The editor interface will close and the articles on the page will refresh, so you can see the the effects of your changes immediately.

Clicking the Cancel button will close the editor without saving your changes.

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