Before you get started, please note the following:

  • API Access Must be Enabled:  All Salesforce imports and exports require the connected Salesforce account to have API access enabled.

  • Account must be a System Administrator:  In order to setup Vestorly Custom Fields, your account must have System Administrator access.

  • Account must have “modify all data” access permission set to true.

  • The following Custom Fields are required for the sync to work.  Without them the sync will crash:

   Custom:  VestorlyContentLibrary__c , VestorlyFacebook__c , VestorlyLinkedIn__c ,  VestorlyAgeRange__c , VestorlyReaderEventsLink__c , VestorlySignUpDate__c , VestorlyInvitedOnDate__c , VestorlyAddedBy__c , VestorlySource__c

If you are unsure that your Salesforce account has these enabled, contact your Salesforce administrator and they can assist you with enabling it. More information on how to enable it can be found here.

Vestorly data fields on Reader Profile pages can be exported as Custom Fields for each profile in Salesforce CRM.  The available custom fields include: Vestorly Tags, Source, Added By, Facebook Profile URL, LinkedIn Profile URL, and Reader Link.

  1.  First, export your Vestorly readers to Salesforce (see instructions). Please note that the Salesforce credentials you attach to your Vestorly account MUST be a System Administrator on Salesforce.

  2. Go to your Salesforce account and choose to view Contacts or Leads. Click on any of your recent contacts or leads.

3.  Click Edit Layout on the upper right of the page. 

4.  Find the Vestorly data fields in the list of custom options. Options include: Vestorly Tags, Source, Added By, Facebook Profile URL, LinkedIn Profile URL, and Reader Link.

5.  To add a Vestorly field to all profiles in Salesforce, click and drag one or more of the options and place into the fields below.

6.  Click Save in the upper left.

7.  Now, all users exported from Vestorly will include these fields in their Salesforce profiles. 

8.  If you cannot see the fields, do not have access to the fields, or are experiencing an error – you will need to update the “Field-Level Security” for each Vestorly Custom Field.  You can do this by going to the Setup menu and Customize the Fields.  Be sure to set each field to “Visible” for the “Profile” being used.  For more detailed instructions see this Salesforce resource here

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