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Compliance: Filtering or Removing Content
Compliance: Filtering or Removing Content
With Vestorly intelligent content controls, you can filter or remove, keywords, topics, or sources from your Vestorly content curations.
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  1. Universally Filtering Content

You can filter content from ALL of your sources, categories, and bookmarks of content.

On the Vestorly homepage, please click on the “FILTER CONTENT” button, and any keyword added to that section will automatically be filtered out of the Vestorly content.

2.  Filter a specific category or bookmark of content

You can filter specific Categories, or Bookmarks of content by “Locking” the Categories or Libraries. 

From your Vestorly homepage you can select the Category or Bookmark that you’d like to filter out, for instance you can filter out the “Men’s Life” category. Once you click on the Category you’ll find that under the Category title there is a “Lock” icon, that when clicked on will make the Content or Bookmark “Hidden”,“Private”, or “Public”. 

By marking the Bookmark or Category as “Hidden” or “Private”, that content will no longer be available for posting. On the other hand by marking the content as “Public” that will enable the content to be distributed via social media or other outlets. 

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